Friday, July 29, 2011

jD: Lexus and Forbes top 100 event

jD: Heineken Event

Free Food. Free drinks and Music.. life cant be better!!! 

jD: Drais w/ David Moore and Bryan Tanaka

Party Squad at it again, This time at Drais night club in Hollywood. 

mcElroy: My New Home

jD: Emily Shen going away party

See you soon! Enjoy Living in the Big Apple!  Going away party at the "Do-over" at El cid. Sangria and music by the one and only Dj Neil Armstrong! good times with great people! 

 Party time!

 Of course Tk is with all the girls

Me and Emily

 This is what happens when you wear white to a sangria party

 Flannel Crew! Fran . Janelle Lisa JD

Dj Neil Armstrong

 See you Soon!

jD: Mink Mondays on a Tuesday!

Taco night with the Fam! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

jD: Samsung and Nicki Minaj Event

Nothing is better then Open bar with Dry Ice and Push button Ice cream on a giant Phone! Me and @colione went to the release  of the new Samsung Infuse 4g Phone where they showed off all the new amazing features.. the Camera the was the best never seen a phone that was so clear! The best part of the night was the end when Nicki Minaj Preformed.. that woman is sexy!!!! 

Ice Cream order by giant Phone

Dry Ice makes drinks just look better

The Real Angry Birds
Playing on a 24' Screen is the only way to play dont you agree @pamelafrancesca 

jD: World Of Dance