Saturday, October 30, 2010

mcElroy: The Style of Music

Can you figure out who wears what out fit??? 

Andre 3000.....Bob Dylan....Brandon Flowers.....Chet Baker.....Elvis presley.....Jimi Hendrix.....Jim Morrison.....Johnny cash......Kanye West.....Kiss.....Kurt Cobain.....Marvin Gaye.....Michael Jackson.....Miles Davis.....pete Doherty.....Pharrell Williams.....Prince.....Run DMC.....The beatles.....The Ramones

Find the answers Moxy Creative House

mcElroy: Kanye West Short film

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

jD: Just another Sat!

[Sat oct 23rd]
What a day! Started the morning off taking my boy steven Stanton out for his bday with our friend SuperDave. Kitchen 24 is just as good in the morn as it is late night. My Boy KO the Legend had a video shoot for one of his songs off the 1816 Mix tape. (if you havent herd it yet your missing out big time) pep the trailer below. Afterwords I headed over to JoyRich were they had the Premiere of Ti$a's New shoe line. they also had preformance by the Rejects and Big Sean! The best way to end that kind of day is by going to an open sushi/premium drink bar!! Mystudio Hosts a pre party for their special guest to enjoy free sushi and open bar. Was an amazing day!!!

Eggs Benedict / Tomato soup (K24)

A Quick Preview

The alley Shoot

Not only a rapper but also a photographer

KO the Legend (hipstomatic) Chain by (1816 Bricks)

Green screen

Nancy rocking the KO chain by Lucas (1816 Bricks)

The New Collection

Ricky x jD (DeeandRicky)

Open Sushi bar!!! and open premium Bar!!!

jD: Halloween Horror at City Walk

[Thurs oct 21st}
Went out to the Halloween Horror night at universal Studios City walk and The Whole Crew dressed up in 80's or 90's Hip Hop costumes. I know don't know why everybody was staring at us.. ohh probably because we were the only ones dressed up We even did the soul train line while waiting for a ride. I left the park light headed from screaming soo much hahahaha

Were Ready To rock


TK x Dj Vice x jD

Kita x Nancy

Why Sooo Serious

Kriss Kross

Group Pic

what up Bart

TK and his Churros

SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! hahaha why is everybody starring

Angie x jD x Dj Vice x Nancy x TK and apallo 13

i hope im tall enough to ride the ride

I love my Mummy

Monday, October 25, 2010

jD: Just dance 2 release/ shorty bday

[Tues oct 19th]
Went to The opening of the Just dace 2 game for xbox. open Vodka bar is always fun. For some reason i just can t play those stupid dance games even though im a dancer, it makes no sense to me. Later we stopped by the rockwell to celebrate Shorty's Bday. BTW the Rockwell has the best happy hour of them all!

Why Can't play these games?!?!

Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) x jD

what up ladies! Kristin x Nancy x Jennilee and friends

Rick x IBPhilups x Lucas x Tstyles x jD (1816 Fam)

Happy Bday Shortie!

Cole Walliser x Jennilee

Mike x Lisa x Terrence


“Four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator, the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. Rather than shelves, the non sticky, odorless gel morphs around products to create a separate pod that suspends items for easy access.” What a concept but how do you keep the gel clean?

via BBC

Sunday, October 24, 2010

mcElroy: Sneakers!!!!

Just some things i need in my life..

Thursday, October 21, 2010


every once in a while you find something that you rock for a life time. A company that is considered timeless. Ladies and Getntlemen ..... I have found it! G.P.P.R. (Gentleman, Philosopher, Pervert, Rebel) . A tribute to a modern day renaissance man. Its the start of a new decade, so might as well start it of right..... GPPR

mcElroy: Indonesian Marine Center

This is just cool...

jD: Born Day to Jenny Kita

[Mon oct 18th]
Happy Bday to Jenny Kita! This has to be one of funnest nights of 2010 hands down! Karaoke at Brass Monkey was on level 10. if you weren't there then you missed out on one hell of a night!

Miss lawn x Killuh Bee x Ting Ting

Nancy x Miss Lawn Singing

Bday Cake

Whats a bday with out cake

Fight Fight Fight

just kidding Tk x Kita (bday Love)

Jenilee rocking out to En Vouge