Tuesday, March 22, 2011

jD: Groovaloos and Prudential

Being with the Groovaloos fam is always so much fun and this time was no different. We went down to SD for and industrial for the company Prudential.  The stage was crazy and was on a slant so it was a little bit awkward at first but we got the hang of it. was a great show and tons of laughs. Miss you crazy Groovaloo kids! 

 Anybody want a Free Hug??!??!

 Moy x Lindsey B
 one big ass garage door
 J. Rock z jD x Charlie x Steelo x Lindsey x Oscar x Lil Bob x Moy x Christina x Venum

jD: Bang bang!!

cherry poppin at the gun range!. Nancy and Jenny had never shot a gun before so we thought it was a good idea to go and let them feel the power of a 22 at the LA gun range. Was good times! ill be back soon!

 Nancy x Res x Cheif x Indo x Jenny x jD

mcElroy: FUJIFILM!

I love this camera its pretty freggin sweet 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

jD: Happy Bday Angela!

if you have never been to GOLD CLASS CINEMAS then you are missing out on an amazing movie experience!  There is a lounge for you to hang before the movem, you get to order food and drinks from a full bar and relax in a lazy boy and watch a movie!  It doesn't get better then this~!
Happy Bday Angela! hope you have an amazing time in Asia and thanks for the Invite!

mcElroy: JanSport Backpack

JanSport steps its game up and puts out some dope colors for new line. I remember using a JanSport back in High school.  Good bag but was kinda boooooring! hahaha like the new look

jD: Santa Monica Parking

the new parking structure in Santa monica is freaggin sick! you can type your license plate number and it finds your car! never loose your car again! on top of that there are red and green lights to indicate if the spot is available or not. Go team technology!

jD: TK and Hennessy

Thank you TK and Hennessy for the Red "Chinese New year" bottle! 


Opening of the UGGS store at the Grove. thats all i have to say about that

jD: Harry Shum (Glee) Stops By GPPR

My boy Harry Shum Jr  from the show Glee to stop by GPPR so we could hook him up with some product.   Few days later at the Rolling Stones Red Carpet what do we see... GPPR!  Thank you my friend!  Make sure you check out the line GPPR!

jD: Nuggets!!!

Living in LA its hard to find people that are Nuggets fans.  So me and my friend Chris went to support our team at the Clippers vs Nuggets game in LA!  It was funny because we were in an all Clipper section and would stand up every time the Nuggets scored. They lost the game but was crazy fun. all i have to say is LETS GO NUGGETS

Thursday, March 10, 2011

jD: Michael Jackson Video "Hollywood Tonight"

MJ what!!! A few weeks ago I shot the Music Video For Michael Jacksons new Song "hollywood Tonight" The recipe, 25 amazing dancers, Rich and Tone Talauega choreography, Sofia Boutella as the lead and Direction by Wayne Isham, You cant go wrong! was an honer to get down on a video to represent the greatest of all time! I hope you enjoy the Video!

Tone x Wayne Isham x Rich x jD
Hamza x Jenny Kita x Marshell 

Lucas Raynaud
Terence x Marshell x Chris x War x Nina x Seath x Sara x Mona x Mayuko x Yoda 
Rino x Jenny x Danielle x B x Darrell x Straphanio  
Rino x Maryss
Sofia x Rino x jD
Tone x Sofia x Rich