Friday, June 10, 2011

jD: Lexus Event!

The Edison Hotel in DTLA Hosted the launch of the new Lexus Hybrid.  Me and @colione went to enjoy Free drinks Free food and some live shows 

jD: Bowling at the Spare Room

This invite/event only bar/bowling alley/ checkers/all the above is too cool for words. 

I already had blogged about this place before i came here. 


Who wants to go to the Spare Room bar at the Roosevelt!! I do I do.  

jD: Lunch time at Larchmont Bungalow

Lunch with good friends!!! @nerandhas @jenileereyes

mcElroy: Cool Treats!

jD: Happy bday Glee star Harry Shum Jr

A day of Kickball, BBQ a good party and an amazing cake.  happy bday to my boy @iharryshum

 Yes this is the Iphone Cake

jD: Jet setta!

mcElroy: sneaker beef

jD: ABDC interviews

Was invited by my Winner @jenileereyes to go to a taping of ABDC. As we got there and went back stage we ran into @pacificrimvideo and @tk_nguyen who were doing backstage interviews with the crews.  I tagged along and asked a few questions as well. The producer asked if me and Jenilee would sit behind Mario Lopez so we could get some camera time, was nice but was a lot of unexpected work.  

mcElroy: pool in the pool