Monday, December 27, 2010

mcElroy: Kinda cool pocket knife

not into Knifes but this is kinda cool its the same size as a credit card

jD: LXD on Conan Obrian!

The LXD on TBS!! this is big news . The LXD was asked to preform on the Conan Obrian show So of course  we honorably obliged.  Chris Scott and Harry Shum jr. did it again, they put together an amazing show to show off the Villains of LXD.  Was great to work with so many fun and talented people.

Sometimes you gotta nap!

Rehearsal on the Warner Bro's lot

The Famous Desk

Massage Before the show

The Umbras!  B Philla x jD x Jessie x Mike x Shaw x Johnny 

The Ox Machine x Casper

Shelby x Frantic

Thursday, December 16, 2010

mcElroy: WTF!!!



mcElroy: Fast Five Teaser!

Not gonna lie im kinda excited for this!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

mcElroy: Things I need for CO

I'm Heading to CO for the holidays and i need somethings.  Anybody who wants to get me early Xmas presents feel free to hook me up .. thanks   ummmm the fix gear is just dope and i want it not for CO tho ahahah

jD: Supperclub/party time!

GRAND OPENING OF SUPPER CLUB HOLLYWOOD.  Congrats to Jerry Garcia for killing the game and opening a dope ass club. The Club is bananas!!   Had a few other stops to say hi to some people. Stopped by Parc Hollywood and met up with the GPPR fam.  Grabbed a few drinks and headed over to Mystudio.  What up Matt Walsh!!! alway good to see you.  Good times with the fam! 

jD x Neran x Jerry

Body Paint in the middle of the club

GPPR fam

My studio x GPPR x Vora sisters x Chris Kam

jD x Matt Walsh x Meg Vora

jD: Curry at Kita's

Jenny Kita Cooked a little Japanese Curry, So Me and TK stopped by to try some! It was Delish!  

 TK always on the phone

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

jD: Happy 40th GRIFF

[Sat Nov 27th]
After a wonderful thanksgiving with my fam in CO i headed down to SD to Celebrate the life of my friend Griff. We started off at the Hard Rock Hotel were we had a few pre drinks to get relaxed in the pent house suit.  Everybody showing up late we rushed over to  The Oceaniare Seafood restaurant where they had personalized menus saying "Happy 40th Birthday Rob!" How Pimp is that!!!  after that we headed back to the hotel to have some Bday cake and a few pre drinks.  The Real party started at club Flux, if you haven't been there, OMG this place is NOODLES!! They have snow that comes out of the celling and cold air that blows to cool you down.  It's pretty much Vegas in SD. Thank you AME and Griff for such a crazy fun night!

jD x Robert Griffith (Griff) happy bday man!!   Pent house Swag!

 Dinner!  peep the menu

 BDay cake.  Griff and Ame

Elevator Love 

Lil Cee x Ame x Tommy x KO (limo swag)

It's Snowing in Flux!!!

 Ame  x Baby Chase