Saturday, May 29, 2010

jD: just another Friday

Friday was a good day. Did a little stop by at the show room/sample sale for "Hellz-Bellz" and "Engineered by Remy". Then Stopped by my Boy John Silvers to have a little BBQ. Finally off to a few clubs . OPEN BAR at Bardot . pool side/rooftop at Drais. and quick hello at Marbella. Just another Friday!

Show Room. jD x Remy x Nancy x Darrell Engineered by Remy

J Sil on the Grill

Tavario x John x Karla

Lounging by the pool

Group pic

Club Bardot.
jD x Nancy x Tk x Tristan OPEN BAR!!

jD x Matt x Boston x Teresa x Nancy


Drais Lets Go

Rooftop View.

Dave Scott x Lito x Tristan x Columbus Short x jD (the old school crew)


JR x jD (man I've know this guy for years)

jD: BDay .. Carnival .. Bday

1st stop was club "La vida" for Teresa Bday. it was a cool spot, and i herd the food was amazing. Im gonna have to try it next time. The next stop was Avalon for Carnival. it was a quick stop to check out Shaun Evaristo and the street kings perform with guest Dana Wilson (303) was nuts!!! amazing!! and then the last and final stop was Purple Lounge at the Standard Hotel for Jenilee Rayes Bday! Good times!

"La Vida"

TK x Matt x Teresa x jD

Meg x Nancy x Komie (DelikateRayne) New line coming soon

Avalon "Carnival"

Shotyme x Caroline x Je' x jD

Shaun x Street kings x Dana Wilson.. Killed it!!!

what up! Hamza x Dee x Marty

Lil Cee x jD x K.O. ( yall not ready for this guys music!!!)

"Purple Lounge"

was like my own little relaxing station

Nancy x TK x jD

Killa Bee x Mink x and friend

Everybody having a good time

Love is in the Air.. hahahh!!!!

DJ Ladysha x jD

Happy Bday Jenilee Rayes

Weeeeee!!! hahaha

good night!!!

jD: Chris Brown Porto Alegre Brazil

Last day in Brazil in Porto Alegre. was a good show. went out after the show for a bit was a good way to end the trip.

TC and Mijo kicking each others bags off the carts hahah!!

The Fans Ready to Attack

Porto Alegre

Sure, Why not!

yeah kid!! Pat needs a drink

Rodrigo!!!!( Ricardo)

Its that green kinda night

Lounging in the lobby waiting for breakfast!

Friday, May 28, 2010

mcElroy: can you fold?

this is just silly to me. like stupid silly

mcElroy: ShutterBUG!!!1

This Video and Song..... umm blazin!!!!!

DIR: Chris Robinson

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mcElroy: Justin Bieber "Estovar"

My boys Michael Vargas and Nick Estorga got Justin Bieber to rock their new Clothing Line. "ESTOVAR" check it out.. big things!! Congrats!!! Follow Michael Vargas

mcElroy: LXD!!! oscars!!!!

In Feb i preformed on the 88th Academy awards (the Oscars). one of the most memorial jobs I've ever done! Check out some of the other things that were doing at

mcElroy: Throwback Pic

Throwback pic with the OG Squad "Kiss Kiss" in Sydney!!! man i miss this squad!

jD x Maryss(Beatfreaks) x Janina x John Silver x Moody x Helen x Davi x B Shaw

jD: Chris Brown Rio!!!

Hotel Sheraton was super nice. we were right next to the beach and had amazing views. Got up early in the morning to check out the beach. The views were amazing. i cant wait to go back to the Rio!!!

the rooms

the views

Post Card!

What up TC