Wednesday, July 28, 2010

jD: Jamiaca w/ Chris Brown up 26 hours!!!!

EVERY TING CRIS MAN! Had a really quick visit to Montego Bay, Jamaica but the short visit was amazing. I woke up early on Friday morn 900am to be exact. Went for a nice little jog around our Resort (Secrets Wild Orchid) and got to check out all the amazing views. had a nice little breakfast and headed out to go Kayaking ! The water was amazing! The rain stared to come down so we were flagged in because of the waves. All that ment was that it was pool time. Played a little Volleyball against the other guests and of course won! Hung out at the pool and waited for sound check. Finally, after call time getting pushed back 4 times, we headed over to check out the venue and sound check. Sound check was sound check nothing special hahaha. We headed back to the hotel to grab a little dinner and relax before our 120am call time. The show was amazing. was packed and was a fun crowd. The after party was at the hotel pool. Everybody stayed up till the sun came up. was up 26 hours and had a ball! I cant wait to go back!

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My Room

Fresh Coconut water. the best water you can have the most all natural electrolytes!

Coconut x jD x Ari (Wardrobe)


Janelle Wrong way!!!

Little rain

Drinks at the Pool bar!


Mijo (UGLY)

What up Lorenzo!!

Chozen x CB x Mijo

Gerald (Drummer) What you drink man?

Quick snack before Sound Check (Jerk Chicken!!!)

Janelle x Mijo x jD x Lorenzo x Dj Babey Drew x Josh

Its not really that dark

This is what you Drink when your thirsty

Dinner with the CBE

1st plate (jerk chicken, Ox tail, Goat Curry, Rice and Beans, tuna salad)

Round 2

Ari with her drink

Show time

Yeah its kinda packed

Mid show. need the towel

After party!!!

Lorenzo and Big Pat

Thank you Jamaica!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

jD: The Price is Right/ Dogger game!!!

Ive Dreamed of the day they would say "JD MCELROY COME ON DOWN!!" Today wasn't that day. oh well. Fourteen of us waited all day at CBS studio's to get a chance to play Price is right. Only to have non of our names called. Its ok tho we had fun screaming at Drew Carey trying to get some attention in hopes we were crazy enough to get called up. Long day of waiting but had a great time! Next stop was Dodger game. Dj Lady Sha had the hook up for some dope seats (Good Looking out). So we watched the Dodgers Beat the SF Giants! Not a fan of either team so i just enjoyed some good old Garlic fries and a Hotdog.

Half the group

TK x Killuh B (I know your real name!!)

awww man!!!

The workers were more interested in the Ipad then work Get back to work

Killuh enjoying her subway

Everybody had to use there government name ( can anybody figure out what the D stands for?)

Dodger Stadium

Yeah we sit at the Suite/ Field Level (Thanks Sha)

Killuh B (First time at dodger stadium) x TK booing Jenilee

Now i Know why Baseball makes soo much $$$ 162 games sold like this

Dj dynamix x jD x Jenilee x TK x Dj Lady Sha x Killuh B

Garlic Fries x Hot dog!

TK x Killuh B x Jenilee x jD