Sunday, February 27, 2011

jD: Kiss and Grind and Dj Jazzy Jeff

had one of the the best music nights of my life a few weeks ago at Kiss and grind where Dj Jazzy Jeff killed it. the music was amazing. here is a recap via The Tk Times Make sure to check out his blog!

[Friday, February 11th] I am still recovering from all the chaos that was Grammys, Vegas, & All Star Weekend 2 weeks ago. It was 12 straight days of non-stop partying… Time of my life!
Anyways, after the madness that was the Belvedere (Red) event with Usher on Thursday, I wanted to take it easy so we headed out to “Kiss n Grind” at Vanguard. So much for taking it easy because DJ Jazzy Jeff had everyone dancing the entire night. People left drippin’ sweat… Gross. I know but fun… Yes! It was seriously one of the dopest live DJ sets I’ve ever heard.
Click “Read More” for the full recap from “Kiss n Grind”!

CLICK HERE to view all my photos from the event.
Both Tristan (Delta) and Orlanzo flew in from New York for all the Grammy festivities. We all know Tristan had the time of his life because I got the body rollin’ footage of him in action… HAHA!
Tristan x Jenny Kita x GetatNance x Orlanzo
I wanna be in the picture too!
We also ran into Ben Wang (722 Figueroa) and Mel there too. I miss these guys!
Vanguard was crackin’!!!
Shout out to DJ Jazzy Jeff!
Hennessy x Coke please! :)
Damn Kita… We both have nice teeth! HAHA
Cheers to the good life! :)
I think Tristan is actually body rollin’ in this photo… Look at the concentration! HAHA
Rich (Below) and Tone Talauega had a table at the event for their Old Navy Super Bowl commercial wrap party, which Jenny Kita was apart of. Congrats!
There were a lot of industry dancers there including Brian Tanaka.
I got a pleasant surprise when I found Helen Ly on the dance floor… Good seeing you! :)
JD x Rich & Tone x Brian Tanaka x Black x Karl
I think someone had too much Hennessy… HAHA!
After dancing the night away, I ran into Shelley Oto (Honey Collective)! I haven’t seen her in forever…
Group picture:
Impromptu photo shoot with Orlanzo…
Insert the hookers! HAHA JK
TK x Shelley x JD
Another time of my life event with friends for life! :)
Thanks again to Craig from “Kiss n Grind” for taking care of the crew. Creative Contraband is looking forward to collaborating with “Kiss n Grind” for a special Lunch Box event… Stay tuned!

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