Thursday, March 10, 2011

jD: Michael Jackson Video "Hollywood Tonight"

MJ what!!! A few weeks ago I shot the Music Video For Michael Jacksons new Song "hollywood Tonight" The recipe, 25 amazing dancers, Rich and Tone Talauega choreography, Sofia Boutella as the lead and Direction by Wayne Isham, You cant go wrong! was an honer to get down on a video to represent the greatest of all time! I hope you enjoy the Video!

Tone x Wayne Isham x Rich x jD
Hamza x Jenny Kita x Marshell 

Lucas Raynaud
Terence x Marshell x Chris x War x Nina x Seath x Sara x Mona x Mayuko x Yoda 
Rino x Jenny x Danielle x B x Darrell x Straphanio  
Rino x Maryss
Sofia x Rino x jD
Tone x Sofia x Rich


  1. hi
    thanks for nice photos!

    a qustion!
    where i can find Full names of dancers?

    thank you

  2. awesome.. just wanted to ask where did you get your glasses from. The leopard printed ones.