Monday, October 25, 2010

jD: Just dance 2 release/ shorty bday

[Tues oct 19th]
Went to The opening of the Just dace 2 game for xbox. open Vodka bar is always fun. For some reason i just can t play those stupid dance games even though im a dancer, it makes no sense to me. Later we stopped by the rockwell to celebrate Shorty's Bday. BTW the Rockwell has the best happy hour of them all!

Why Can't play these games?!?!

Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) x jD

what up ladies! Kristin x Nancy x Jennilee and friends

Rick x IBPhilups x Lucas x Tstyles x jD (1816 Fam)

Happy Bday Shortie!

Cole Walliser x Jennilee

Mike x Lisa x Terrence

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