Tuesday, October 26, 2010

jD: Just another Sat!

[Sat oct 23rd]
What a day! Started the morning off taking my boy steven Stanton out for his bday with our friend SuperDave. Kitchen 24 is just as good in the morn as it is late night. My Boy KO the Legend had a video shoot for one of his songs off the 1816 Mix tape. (if you havent herd it yet your missing out big time) pep the trailer below. Afterwords I headed over to JoyRich were they had the Premiere of Ti$a's New shoe line. they also had preformance by the Rejects and Big Sean! The best way to end that kind of day is by going to an open sushi/premium drink bar!! Mystudio Hosts a pre party for their special guest to enjoy free sushi and open bar. Was an amazing day!!!

Eggs Benedict / Tomato soup (K24)

A Quick Preview

The alley Shoot

Not only a rapper but also a photographer

KO the Legend (hipstomatic) Chain by (1816 Bricks)

Green screen

Nancy rocking the KO chain by Lucas (1816 Bricks)

The New Collection

Ricky x jD (DeeandRicky)

Open Sushi bar!!! and open premium Bar!!!

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