Wednesday, December 8, 2010

jD: Happy 40th GRIFF

[Sat Nov 27th]
After a wonderful thanksgiving with my fam in CO i headed down to SD to Celebrate the life of my friend Griff. We started off at the Hard Rock Hotel were we had a few pre drinks to get relaxed in the pent house suit.  Everybody showing up late we rushed over to  The Oceaniare Seafood restaurant where they had personalized menus saying "Happy 40th Birthday Rob!" How Pimp is that!!!  after that we headed back to the hotel to have some Bday cake and a few pre drinks.  The Real party started at club Flux, if you haven't been there, OMG this place is NOODLES!! They have snow that comes out of the celling and cold air that blows to cool you down.  It's pretty much Vegas in SD. Thank you AME and Griff for such a crazy fun night!

jD x Robert Griffith (Griff) happy bday man!!   Pent house Swag!

 Dinner!  peep the menu

 BDay cake.  Griff and Ame

Elevator Love 

Lil Cee x Ame x Tommy x KO (limo swag)

It's Snowing in Flux!!!

 Ame  x Baby Chase


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