Sunday, December 5, 2010

jD: Black Friday!!!

So Black Friday was Party Time! Landed from the airport at 730pm and was out and about at 900 eating dinner with TK and ready to party. First stop was myStudio, Few drinks little bit of dancing good stuff. After we went to go get food at sanamlangs to eat thai food. this place is absolutely amazing!  Last stop of course would be BOBO's Karaoke! what great night

Lynh x Sudana x Chistine x Cyrus

Christine x Fredo

 Fellas x Ladies

 More Belve x More Henny

Matt Walsh Showed up!!!

Yeah it was a ruff night! hahhaha

We Had NO idea who this girl was she just hopped in the car with us hahahah

BoBo's Karaoke!

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