Sunday, December 5, 2010

jD: CO10 Degrees!!!

So times going home for the holidays is soo necessary. If you know me i go back to CO about 8 times a year (to see Tehya), but this trip was extra fun. For this years Thanksgiving i went home for 9 days. Didnt get a lot of time with my parents because they always leave the kids to go to Belize to vaca. Why cant we ever be invited!!!! During my stay it was 10 to 15 degrees out side and man was my body not used to that cold. i had 11 blankets and still i was freezing!  Good trip and good times. 

Nephew Dante            Daughter Tehya

Makers x Hummus and pita!
A nice Hike  x Yes i made dinner for Tehya

Girls Day out . Tehya x Anna  Mani pedi and ice skating 

Tyler Littlehales x jD McElroy
Georgia x Zoe

Yes I rode the bull ...... for 3 sec hahaha

Ian x Carlo Maggie x Anna x Bridget x Ben

Chris x Heather x Ben

The Fam and Thanksgiving

Cheers x Sean Grabbing some drinks
Chris x Alexis x Bridget x Lisa

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