Tuesday, August 3, 2010

jD: Cliff Diving Hermit Falls!!

My Boy Lucas found this spot where you could jump off cliffs and it was only 20 mins from my house. so we went up there to check it out. We Got to the top of Hermit Falls and hike a mile and a half to the where the cliffs were. They had Rock slides and 20 30 and 40 foot cliffs. it doesnt sound like a lot but standing looking down its pretty crazy! The most fun ive had in a long time. cant wait to go back!

The hike down Hermit Falls

Half way there

Take the Horse Trail it saves time!!!

We made it

The Rock slides.. That was a lot of fun!

35 foot jump!!

Lucas on the 20 foot jump

jD the 20 Footer

This is the 43 foot cliff. Holly shit balls!!!

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