Tuesday, August 3, 2010

jD: Step up 3D soundtrack Release

Me my boy TK and Jenny Kita headed over to Avalon where they were hosting the Step Up 3D Album Release party. little did we know that it was all ages and there were like 5 year olds running around. We hung out for a bit , watch Flo Rida Preform (Not a fan one bit) and said our hellos and goodbyes and then headed over to Colony. Colony was pretty crackin. was a Morebleve night what ever that means hahahh! good times

Avalon was packed!!

look who we ran into jane x jD x Jenny x Tk x Shawn Evaristo

Phil x Rainen (jabbawockeez)

jD x Myron

Jenny Kita x Ben Wang


Chantel x Tricia x Richmond x jD

MoreBelve! Bee Nguyen x Jerry Lorenzo

Nice to Relax after a long night!!

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