Friday, August 20, 2010

jD: House Warming!

The House is ready, so that means its time to party! Neran, Anthony and Jenilee had their house warming party and it was Noodles! ... English (Anthony) was on the grill and Jane and Jenilee was in the Kitchen cooking up my favorite! . We played at little Uno (yes i won!) and had a few drinks. was a nice sat with good people!

Tony x Jenilee x Neran

Party Time!!

English on The B B Q

Jane and Jenilee working hard in the kitchen!

Then it was my turn to work hard in the kitchen ... PHYSC!!!

Dinner was Blazin Amazin!

English Refilling! MOREBELVE!!!

Jane and Kita in a long deep Convo

Terressa x Sunny x Killah x jD x Jenilee

Sunny x jD x Jenilee

Meg x Matt

Meg and Komie made cupcakes!!

Hey Ladies

The Lesbian Lovers Killuh B x Mink

Mickey your My only friend!

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