Saturday, June 12, 2010

jD: Arts Walk and Lemonade

The 2nd Thursday of every month there is the a huge art show in Downtown LA called "ARTS WALK". They have new and old art and everything in-between. Usually i take the train from my house and this time was no different. Me and my boy Craig hopped on the train in North Hollywood and made way, 20 min later we were downtown. They have tons of food trucks so what ever you feel like eating they had. After the Arts walk extravaganza we made way to Little Tokyo to a bar called lemonade. Hung out there for a bit and listened to DJ Mark Marcelo throw it down!

North Hollywood Red Line

1st stop blue painted dog

The streets were packed

Live band out side of the Civic Center

Food Trucks lined up

You can get your hair cut!

jD x Craig (Futhamucka's)

Let me ride my bike to Little Tokyo

TK x Mark x DJ ??


DJ Mark Marcelo

Killuh B x TK x Mink

the time is backwards

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