Saturday, June 12, 2010

jD: Photo shoot 2

Photo shoot with Chris Nelson and Anna Cone!!! This was a fun shoot. They shot in this guys house that he rents out for people to take photos in! I missed the 1st few looks but here are some background pics of what i made it for. Afterwards we went to get dinner at The kitchen in Los Feliz! OMG! the food there is amazing! Last stop was Tiki Ti bar where we had a nice little rum concoction that was absolutely delish ! all in all was a nice Sat!

Steven Oo - designer x Carola (Photogenics) model x Stylist Tiffany jean (next) x Camile clark Makeup/hair Chris Nelson/Anna Cone Photographer x Damon Assistant

Group Pic

The Kitchen

Now you see it

Now you dont!!

Tiki Ti bar!!!

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