Wednesday, June 9, 2010

jD: my Trip to Philly

My latest adventure was to Glasgow UK for Chirs Brown' s "Fan of a Fan" Tour. Last Minuet it was cancelled, ill get in that on another blog. anyways , so we were told to get off and get our bags and get them sent back to LA . We waited in the airport 5 hours for our bags. of course they lost one, and in the meantime we missed our connecting back home. Long story short, we had to stay the night in Philly. Since we had a night in Philly we had to go to South street to get some cheese steaks!!!! so i guess we flew 11.5 hours round trip for some good ol' cheese steaks.

Finally got the Luggage!

South street!!

Ishkabibble's !!!! this place is super famous. i always go here!

Moody x Janelle x Aisha x Rashida

cook them suckas up!!!

Gremlin( grape and lemonade) x onion rings x Original Cheese steak!!!

700am flying back to LA

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  1. I love the picture of us in starvation mode! That was survival!!