Tuesday, June 1, 2010

jD: Memorial day/ Happy Bday TK @ HOB SD

Memorial Day weekend was a good one. it seemed that everybody i knew was either in Vegas, Miami or SD. SD it was! The 1st stop was "intervention" at the Hard Rock Hotel. Obe DJ From Holland was There Afro Jack another dope DJ Dead Mau5. It was blazin!!! they had everybody going crazy. That night we Celebrated Toe-Knee's BDAY.. happy bday man!!!! The party was at House of Blues. and was packed 1,400 people . He performed with his old dance crew Urban FX. and killed it after not dancing for 5 years. and after . Shaun Evaristo and the shit kings from japan feat. Dana Wilson (3oh!3) killed the stage as well. was a great night With great friends. Happy bday man!

Hard Rock was Noodles!!!

jD x Jasper (Ace Agency)


jD x Afrojack

The View From the SE hotel room!!!

Dana Wilson x Jenny kita x Nancy x Tristan x Shit kings x Shaun Everisto x jD

jD x Nancy x Jenny x Tristan (if you need to borrow my yacht or helicopter let me know)

TK getting down on the stage!!! House of Blues!!!

TK auntie x Jenny Kita x jD x Nancy

jD x BAM (Hellz-Bellz)

1400 people ... happy bday man!!!

jD x Mariel Martin (3oh!3)

TK .... Happy bday time

Shit Kings Plus the Korean!!!

jD x Hannah x Nancy

The MC's of the party plus Dana x jD x Shaun

jD x Cheryl x Bam x Miss Lawn (owner of Hellz-Bellz) x Nancy

Shaun x Nancy x Dana Will!!!! After Party at the SE! We Got it in!!

Viv x Twee x jD

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