Monday, July 5, 2010

jD: Dinner/ Chris Brown studio time/ Drais

Couple Quick stops on a Sat Night. The Belmont is a great 1st stop grab a quick drink and bite to eat. The Belmont has a great happy hour and they fill your glass to the brim!! I ordered a Cheese Burger with Cream cheese and Jalapeno's and the bartender asked if i was planing on throwing up tonight.. was pretty funny. The Next stop was to the "Spanish Kitchen" where my Boy Ryan is the Manager! had a few drinks good looking out fam! I left to meet up with my Boy John Silver and Dave Scott to say what up with the Fam Chris Brown in the Studio! What up Fam!!! Jamaica here we come!!!! My final stop of the night was "Drais"!!! Said hi to the Bday girl Shirlene Quigley. Was a good way to kick of the 4th of July!

The Belmont

Cheese Burger with Cream Cheese and Jalapeno's


Ryan x jD x Neran x English x Tamara

Ryan hooking up the Drinks Good looking out man!

Shots! shots! shots!

Studio Time!

John Silver x Chris Brown x jD

Yall not ready for his new s**t!!!!

John Silver x Mijo (ugly)


What up Boogie!!!

Dave Scott Turned into a White guy. hahahah

Boogie x Dave Scott x John Silver x Xtina x jD

but you cant figure out how i got the light in front of my face!

Wizdom x John Silver

Drais pool!!

Nicole x John x Sophia

Twitch (sytycd) x Ava x jD

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