Sunday, July 25, 2010

jD: The Price is Right/ Dogger game!!!

Ive Dreamed of the day they would say "JD MCELROY COME ON DOWN!!" Today wasn't that day. oh well. Fourteen of us waited all day at CBS studio's to get a chance to play Price is right. Only to have non of our names called. Its ok tho we had fun screaming at Drew Carey trying to get some attention in hopes we were crazy enough to get called up. Long day of waiting but had a great time! Next stop was Dodger game. Dj Lady Sha had the hook up for some dope seats (Good Looking out). So we watched the Dodgers Beat the SF Giants! Not a fan of either team so i just enjoyed some good old Garlic fries and a Hotdog.

Half the group

TK x Killuh B (I know your real name!!)

awww man!!!

The workers were more interested in the Ipad then work Get back to work

Killuh enjoying her subway

Everybody had to use there government name ( can anybody figure out what the D stands for?)

Dodger Stadium

Yeah we sit at the Suite/ Field Level (Thanks Sha)

Killuh B (First time at dodger stadium) x TK booing Jenilee

Now i Know why Baseball makes soo much $$$ 162 games sold like this

Dj dynamix x jD x Jenilee x TK x Dj Lady Sha x Killuh B

Garlic Fries x Hot dog!

TK x Killuh B x Jenilee x jD

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  1. I was gonna be all smart and say what the D stands for, but I couldn't remember, and the yearbooks were no help.... what does it stand for again? I knew it at one point....

    cool pics looks like you had fun! ^_^