Tuesday, July 13, 2010

jD: Justin Bieber Concert

JUSTIN BIEBER is in Town!! hahaha. Took My princess Tehya out on the town with Justin Bieber's Dancers (@NickDemoura, @MarvinMillora , Kanec, and @Michael Vargas) and Back-up singers "Legaci." (Chris, Del, Dominic , Micah) What to eat? hrmmm? SUSHI!!! got a little all you can eat sushi that took forever but when we got it it was delish! Later that night went out bowling. Love to bowl! The next day headed to the show. Was an amazing show with lots of fun stage work, def jam must have put a million in that one. hahah. Good looking out TC (Terrence Carter) for the tickets!

Make sure you check out my Boys Mike Vargas Clothing line "ESTOVAR"

As well as "Legaci" youtube/legaci

Waiting in the lobby for dinner with the fellas and Tehya

Food Coma

Nick and Mike

Mike x Nikki x jD x Marvin x Nick x Kanec

Tehya x Mike Vargas

Def jam $35,000 hahaha

Def jam $50,000 hahaha Mike and Nick upside down


Good Show Fellas

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