Thursday, July 15, 2010

jD: Phi Kappa psi in Boulder

If You know any thing about me it is that I LOVE Waffle House. I wish they had it in LA

Went out on the town in Boulder cousin Fritz and his friends. We started out at his Fraternity Phi Kappa Psi hung out and some how ended up at a random bar with a bull!!! what a great night!

Phi Kappa psi

jD x Fritz

Spencer x Fritz x Aina x jD

my Boys showed up . Oliver x Carlo

Fritz x Kelsey x Danielle x Spencer

Ian x Carlo x Oliver x jD

Bull Time Danielle x jD

Ok you can borrow my shorts really fast but not my belt

Fritz x Kelsey (nice Shorts)

Was a fun night Fritz lets do it again!!!

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  1. Yo! I dont know if you actually read these comments.. This is a pretty legit blog site you have set up man.. Basically I'm here to tell u wassup.. I was YouTubing around different videos n came across the one of you and the CBE fam and Lupe Fiasco rapping n ish..vid was pretty funny..But its funny how I ended up here . Thing is..I been a fan of the whole CBE crew since day one..Im most familiar with you and chozen in the group..This isnt a rant to get a Breezy..Im just showin u sum love ..keep during ur thing bro! I been to a few of the shows..ucp appreciation tour..and recently in Tuscan when you guys came through with Pretty ricky..O..n all them..Anyway I been seeing u in Chris videos n concerts throughout the years..only asian cat on CBE lol thats wassup tho..yal are inspirations to many ! Just showin some love was only chance I fell upon ur page... Im not sure if u gotta twitter but hit me up n follow me if u can ! @outerspacenice..ill follow u back man... Aight man keep doin ur thing this was a long ass comment but imma CBE fan n yal back up dancers r just as crazy as Chris is ! stay up