Friday, July 9, 2010

jD: LXD premiere at Paramount

One of the Greatest Ventures ive ever been on is with the LXD(Legion of Extraordinary Dancers)!!! Jon M. Chu (director Step up 2 and 3D) has created one of the most extraordinary Visions i've ever seen. Hes Turned Dancers in to stars and has opened doors with new heights for Dancers to show there amazing talents. Now is the Time For LXD!!!! please tune in every week on wed to see the new episodes on Hulu! Here is the link for the 1st episode Hulu/LXD Enjoy


1st showing of the 1st 10 episodes! at the Paramount Lot

Director Jon M. Chu

Lucas made this with Legos.. pretty much amazing

After the show. look at all the executives down there.

jD x Harry Shum (Glee/Choreographer LXD)

Cameron Boyce x Chris Scott (Choreographer LXD)

Flipz x Beast Mode x jD x Frantic

Daniel "Cloud" Campos x jD

Ringmasters x jD x oscar x J Rock

Thanks Shelly For the pix
look at the 1816 fam!

Shelly Oto x jD

KO x Brandon Philips

Richmond Talauega x Shonie x jD

Can't have a night with out a circle. What up Speedy!!

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  1. JD! do you know when the international audience can watch LXD?