Sunday, May 16, 2010

jD: VA... CBE Rehearsal and show

This Week I have been in Richmond VA. Rehearsing for this Overseas tour with Chris Brown. 5 days 8 hours a day of Rehearsals means that you dont do a lot... ( not that there is a lot to do in Richmond anyways hahah) but, we went out a few nights. One for Mama Joyce's (Chris Brown's mom) party and the other was for Tootie's (Chris Browns Sister) Graduation. On Saturday we had a Benefit concert for Haiti on sat . it was a cool little run but were a few lighting and sound problems. well get it all smoothed out by Brazil.

Lorenzo x Chozin x Chris Brown x Moody x jD

Dinner time means the Macs come out!!! hhaha

jD. Richmond x Tone (Talauega Brothers) x Phil Sheridan (Director Levis campaign) x Janelle

Congrats Tootie!!

Renzo x jD x Chris Brown x Chainey

Mijo (UGLY)

The Princess (Ivena)

Chozin poppin bottles

Tina Davis (Manager)

Renzo x Rich x Dj Baby Drew ... Gotta have swag when walking in to the club.. what up

jD x Moody Mark Pits (ex / AR) started Biggie Smalls!! rich x tone

Marcus Hammond (Al hammond Productions)

After the show chillin

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