Tuesday, May 18, 2010

jD: Belo Horizonte Brazil

Today we landed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. after a 16 hour trip with lay overs we finally made it. It took us another hour to get to the hotel (Hotel Mercure). Its pretty nice kinda small but everything overseas is always small. after getting settled in we decided to go to the mall were we got bombarded by people. It was pretty cool. Hahaha. so we hid in the movie theatre Freddy Krueger was not the business. ahahhah

Finally off the plane. waiting for the vans

Hotel Mercure Belo Horizonte Lourdes ..

Lorenzo on the comp. Rooms are small . but free Internet!!!

The Best part of Traveling .. PER DIEM!!!!!!! What they pay me to eat!!! I want to give a big kiss to who ever came up with this amazing idea no homo

The city is crazy packed...

MORE BELVE!!!! even in Brazil

Chainey with the store workers.. Yes Brazil is a problem!

trying to leave to the next mall

Exchanging money is hard work! hahahah stop following us :)

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  1. Os Fãns Brasileiros são os melhores, cantam com muita força, dda muito calor humano e amor, BEM VINDOS AO BRASIL *-*