Saturday, May 22, 2010

jD: Chris Brown in SAO PALO!!!!!

SAO PALO!! man this was a cool city! its probably one of the biggest cities in Brazil. and everything is big buildings. Didn't get to do a lot of site seeing. but from what i got the vibe was really cool. the people and nice and the fans are crazy.!!!

The Rooms were Dope. the bathroom was huge!

Lunch time. umm Brazilian food is amazing

Time to go to the Venue

We were bumpin dru hill. TC (Tour manager) thinks he was sisqo hahah

Relaxing before the show
Chozin x Dj Babey Drew x Aaron x Gerald (drummer) x Chris x Mijo (UGLY)


Yeah the concert was sold out!!!!!!

Fan do the craziest things... was like 1000 sheets taped together fun times!!!


  1. doubt that the Brazilian fans love him?

  2. this is my letter, I D├ębora de Sao Paulo - Brazil ! i did for chris, be very glad to know that he will be received with affection! it took me a long time doing it! most did not even be a third of my love of Brown! you come more often to Brazil! we are waiting for you ♥