Thursday, May 6, 2010


So for Cinco De Mayo. I thought it was appropriate to get mexican food. I love this little spot in Burbank called Mucho Mas. Nothing Like Margaritas and Chimichangas. After food of course it was party time so we rolled over to Shortstop in Ecco Park to check out DJ Mark Marcello and DJ Bam. It was Crazy packed but it was filled with good people. was a fun 5th of May!

Cheers!!! cant do Cinco De Mayo with out the Margs!!

Jenny was hungry and couldn't wait

I'm about to take down this Chimichanga !!!

Dinner was Delish!!

jD x Mike Vargas x Nancy x Jenny Kita

Jenny Kita x Bam (Hells Bells) x Nancy

what up Mink!!

Mike Vargas (Justin Bieber) x Jenny Kita

Nancy x Mink x Bee (photo by me!!!)

Thats what happens when you you have that much patron hahaha!!!

Yuri (Kaba Modern)

Jenny Kita .. why you always giving birds?!?!?

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