Monday, May 24, 2010

jD: Chris Brown Rio De Jeneiro

Got in to Rio De Jeneiro about 1:30 pm . was super excited to go out and see the city... esp. the "Christ Redeemer"!! bad news . it was under construction. and the hotel and venue was about an hour and a half away so I was super bummed about that. The show was great. we had a packed house and the crowd was amazing. I cant wait to go back to Rio!!!!!

Waiting at the airport for our bags

TC (Tour Manager).. Why are you always mad!! haha

Have no idea what my man was selling .hahaha

coconuts on the tree

Copacabana view

The Good Year car in the sand!

The biggest Favela (slums) in Brazil.

almost show time

the dinners were amazing!!!


Lights! LETS GO!!!

what up Dj Babey Drew


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