Saturday, May 29, 2010

jD: BDay .. Carnival .. Bday

1st stop was club "La vida" for Teresa Bday. it was a cool spot, and i herd the food was amazing. Im gonna have to try it next time. The next stop was Avalon for Carnival. it was a quick stop to check out Shaun Evaristo and the street kings perform with guest Dana Wilson (303) was nuts!!! amazing!! and then the last and final stop was Purple Lounge at the Standard Hotel for Jenilee Rayes Bday! Good times!

"La Vida"

TK x Matt x Teresa x jD

Meg x Nancy x Komie (DelikateRayne) New line coming soon

Avalon "Carnival"

Shotyme x Caroline x Je' x jD

Shaun x Street kings x Dana Wilson.. Killed it!!!

what up! Hamza x Dee x Marty

Lil Cee x jD x K.O. ( yall not ready for this guys music!!!)

"Purple Lounge"

was like my own little relaxing station

Nancy x TK x jD

Killa Bee x Mink x and friend

Everybody having a good time

Love is in the Air.. hahahh!!!!

DJ Ladysha x jD

Happy Bday Jenilee Rayes

Weeeeee!!! hahaha

good night!!!

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